An efficient email system requires three key components.

It has to offer protection from external threats, guarantee 24/7 reliability, and be supported by an effective archiving solution.

Pure Safe offers a unified email management system that fulfils each of these requirements, ensuring your organisation’s email system is safe, secure and always on!


Email outage is no longer a business inconvenience. It can be commercially disastrous, which is why email continuity is an absolute priority for every organisation.

Pure Safe removes the risk of a single point of failure by ring-fencing your network and managing access via a secure gateway.

We manage the traffic through this gateway to block inbound threats and outbound leaks, ensuring continual swift delivery of messages.


Pure Safe delivers comprehensive protection for your organisation’s email network, 100% security against viruses and 98% spam protection.

It also guards against denial of service attacks and offers effective data leak prevention.

Pure Safe lets you manage your security policies and permissions in real time, providing a very smart, versatile email security solution.


As your organisation grows, the amount of information you need to retain can quickly become unmanageable.

We provide automated archiving that safely stores data outside of your network, freeing up your system, yet keeping information visible and easily accessible at all times.

It provides a versatile, secure solution that ensures your email system runs optimally at all times.