iPECS in Hospitality

iPECS UCP is Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s unified communications platform designed to help organisations communicate and collaborate in a simple and cost-effective way. By keeping employees connected, easy communication between hotel staff not only drives business efficiency but also delivers a better customer service to your guests. Providing your guests with an easy to use communications solution gives guests another reason to stay with you again.

The hospitality landscape is evolving quickly as travellers are increasingly demanding and every interaction is an opportunity to build customer loyalty. The challenge for hospitality is clear and iPECS communications from Ericsson-LG can help you meet these challenges head on.

Key iPECS features include:

  • Ease of use
  • Integrated voicemail and auto attendant to improve guest communication
  • Property management system integration
  • Mobile working for Smartphone, DECT and Wifi
  • Voice and video conference
  • Ericsson-LG and integrated applications
  • Contact centre and call centre working giving you detailed reports and analytics
  • SIP ready
  • Wide range of handsets, smartphone app and specialist phones
  • Voicemail to email enabling you to respond to your customers quicker
  • On-demand or specialist call recording available
  • Presence & Messaging features allow you to see if colleagues are available and quickly communicate using instant messaging
  • Open integration into PMS solutions such as Micros- Fidelio and Tiger TMS ensure telephony is accessible and integrated into every part of your business
  • If a hosted solution is for you, Ericsson-LGs iPECS Cloud, gives you the features and functionality of an on-premise phone system from the cloud.

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Why iPECS in UK hospitality?

Guest Satisfaction

Great communication is core to any hotel and helps your team to deliver great service. Guests are also looking for quick and easy access to all of the hotels facilities and a combination of phone, TV and easy WiFi access to provide them with all the information they need to make the most of your hotels facilities.

Staff Training

With high staff turnover and limited available training time there is a great need for systems, processes and technology that is intuitive and easy to use. Equipping your team to excel at every opportunity is key to your businesses success.

Customers’ Search for Value On-line

Searching for the best deal and hotel guest reading reviews has become a standard part of the booking process for many guests. Online bookings, often through aggregated booking sites, all reduce available margins making it increasingly important to convert traffic from your own website. With the power of word of mouth and online opinion-sharing your best customers are not only your best revenue generators but can also be your best sales channels. iPECS helps ensure the incoming calls are prioritised and handled by the best member of your team.

Brand Management & Customer Relationship Building

Returning guests can be one of the single biggest contributors to profitability and are an essential part of the mix in any hotel occupancy plan. Making guests feel at home and welcoming them back as old friends is the first stage in building great customer relationships.


Often connected travellers can be better informed on aspects of your hotel and offers than your own team are if you don’t equip them with the right tools to stay connected. In most hotels with over 80% of the team being mobile they require a flexible solution rather than just a desk-based phone.

The New Normal

With the only constant being change, there is no normal and guests are constantly challenging hotels to deliver new and different experiences, better value pricing and greater levels of service. iPECS communications platforms and applications can help your team to win in this demanding world through better communication and collaboration.

With these pressures and challenges there is no single answer to winning in today’s competitive hospitality landscape. iPECS is part of the answer and feeds the flow of communication between your prospective guests, current guests, returning guests, booking teams and the whole hotel staff.

iPECS in Hospitality

An introduction to iPECS UCP, the latest unified communications platform from Ericsson-LG

iPECS in Hospitality Video Case Study

The Hydro Hotel

“The iPECS solution has empowered me and my team to take a more proactive approach to the day to day running of the Hotel.
The ability to pull off simple reports has really helped the Management team to get a much clearer overall picture
of how the business is doing and see where improvements can be made.”

Ian Catterill, General Manager, Hydro Hotel

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